LOSE WEIGHT & GET FIT AT HOME…STARTING TODAYDiscover A FoolProof Step-By-Step Plan To Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals More Quickly And Easily Than Ever![0-20] is a 9-week complete body transformation system.Its not about the latest diet or the exercise fad, its a lifestyle.[0-20] is like hiring a personal trainer, a coach, and a nutritionist all in one!This 9 week holistic home-workoutweight loss system will not only give you the ‘Body of your Dreams’ but gift of good health.You will:Lose upto 9kg (20lbs) of body fat in less than 9 weeksReduce your belly fat and face fat (moon face)Get rid of your stubborn fatBecome more conditioned- correct muscle imbalances, improve co-ordination, balance and your postureBecome more flexible and agileIncrease lean mass and toneImprove your cardio fitnessHere’s what you will get with [0-20]:[0-20] 9-Week Exercise & Workout RoutinesFrom the comfort of your home, I will take you on your fat-loss journey with over 50+ Fun & Challenging movements using only a pair of dumbbells and your own body as a weight!The follow-along video (with instructions) workouts are spilt into two phases with build-in modifications for beginners, intermediates and advanced trainees.You will be required to workout 5 times / week with weekends OFF!With a time commitment of no more than 3 hours/week (There are 168 hours in a week), these workouts are both efficient & effective!Meal-by-Meal, Calorie Counted 63- Days Daily DietEvery meal, every calorie, counted for you!! No Guesswork:) High Protein Meals, Low Carb Meals, Countless Indian Meals all included! Weekly diets with build in concepts of high-low, intermittent fasting, flexible dieting are provided for best results.Say bye-bye to 6 meals a day, bland boiled chickenrestrictive broccoli diets and say Hello to Flexible Dieting!BONUSESBonus No # 1: Three Hatha Yoga WorkoutsBonus No # 2: The [0-20] FLP Fitness & Program GuideThis fitness guide explains how this program works and what you can expect from it. If you are the nerd types (like me) it goes deep into explaining The Science behind these workouts.Further, lot of fitness tips and guidelines are also given that will help you to successfully complete this 9 week transformation challenge.Bonus No #3: The [0-20] FLP Nutrition GuideThis nutrition guide contains more than 40 mouth watering recipesmost of which I personally cook and consume! Further, exact steps on how to calculate your TDEE, nutritional tips, supplementation guidelines, and a shopping list are all included.Bonus No #4: [0-20] Tracker SheetsDaily Meal Tracker, 9 Week Workout Calendar, Weekly Goals Tracker and Goal Analysis Sheets etc are given to keep you accountable and motivated throughout the program.Bonus No #5: Bi-Weekly Motivational & Educational EmailsEmails straight to your inbox packed with information that will keep you inspired and on track throughout the 9 week tenure and beyondThe 0-20 program is designed by using the latest in scientific research and is well-grounded in the practicalities of modern lifestyle.[0-20] has been ‘Tried and Tested’ since 2014, and has transformed lives of hundreds of people who have pursued this program.Know this:[0-20] FLP is no cookie-cutter program but RATHER is the result of my over a decade of research through trails and errors by spending thousands and thousands of dollars on the best certifications, scientific books, journals, and then relentlessly applying the strategies, tools and philosophies on my myself and hundreds of my health-club clients to see what works and what doesnt.Since 2014:This program has beenfine-tuned with numerous feedbackfrom my clients to give the best in progressive fitness and latest in nutrition science.STOP Waiting and Wishing that your Body Fatwill just melt away by just doingCardio or Dieting.Coz it wont!Did you know that more than 95 percent of dieters who lose weight on a diet gain it back[New York Times]?Did you know that doing prolonged cardio is actually the worst way to lose fat?In-fact astudyshows that Cardio increases stress hormone cortisol, which then causes you to gain belly fat!Why then most of us still do the same thing over and over again, and expect different results?Hey I am not trying to discourage you here. What I am suggesting is to open your mind and look at the subject of weight loss with a new perspective.Let me say this: If a fitness plan, or a diet has not been working for you in the last few months, it wont work in the future. Change it and give my program a tryWith [0-20] I will NOT ask you to :Starve yourself with low-calorie bland boring dietsSpend hundreds of dollars on worthless supplements every monthSpend couple of hours everyday on treadmills/recumbents doing boring cardio[0-20] has worked wonders for me and for hundreds of my clients and WILL work for you, if you take ACTION NOW and follow my instructions to the T.Access to [0-20] FLP normally costs over $100, thats what my initial few hundred clients paid when I first launched this program in 2014 and this too over and above their gym-membership fees!But I want to keep it affordable for YOU and slash the price so that maximum people can enjoy the benefits of this program.Consider this:Just ONE session with a personal trainer will set your wallet aback by ($25-$75) depending upon where in the world you reside!Train with him/her for just 3 months (3 times a week) and you are looking at a bill of $1000 or more!Hey, I still haven’t added the bill for the hundreds of dollars of worthless supplements you buy that are doing you more harm than good!In one report [Consumer Reports dot org], fifteen protein powders and drinks were tested for levels of arsenic, cadmium, lead, and mercury. Out of these fifteen, three samples were of particular concern, as they tested high for levels of these toxic chemicals!!(Dont worry, in [0-20] Nutrition Guide, I will give you the EXACT criterias you should look for when choosing a Supplement brand, if any!)So LET me ask this question:Would you pay less than the cost of single months gym membership to get the body of your dream?