Welcome to Native Speakers English Lessons!I’m Michael, your course creator and instructor.This course teaches commonphrasal verbsthat will helpyou when communicating with native English speakers.Even English language learners who have great grammar and vocabulary struggle when it comes to communicating with native (British, North American, and Australian) speakers. It’s partly because native English speakers use a lot of language that isn’t often taught in schools and in textbooks.Did you know that,’get along’ means to tolerate someone?Withthis phrasal verb, you can’t understand what it means by looking at the words alone – the meaning is totally different.The English language is full of phrasal verbs which is why it can be difficult, even for people with a high-level of English to understand native English speakers’ everyday speech.In this course you will learn phrasal verbs that are commonly used by British, North American, and Australian Speakers every day.In each video lesson you will learn a phrasal verb, pronunciation, and common examples. Each phrasal verbis presented and shown with 2-3 examples.Then there arequizzes withquestions for you to practice using each phrasal verb- these are part of each video lesson. You can also ask question on each video and notes lesson.The course is divided into 5sections and on section 5 there will be quizzes to test your understanding of ALLthe phrasal verbsyou’ve learned.Learning these phrasal verbswill help you speak more natural, everyday English and better understand native English speakers.So what are you waiting for? Join Native Speakers Phrasal Verbs and start speaking English with the world!Michael