Learning how to code and sell WordPress plugins can be easy and fun, conveniently packed into 10 tips and 3 hours of video lectures.After completing this course you will be able to answer these questions: What is your minimal viable product or plugin (MVP)?Which target market is covered with this plugin?How to create a file and folder structure for your plugin?Which frameworks and scripts you can use to speed up development time?To which marketplace you would like to upload your plugin?How can you offer quality customer support? In order to become a premium WordPress plugin designer and seller you will need the following: Get Basic Knowledge About Setting Up Websites & WordPress Plugins, learn the basics of web design setting up a domain, hosting, installing and configuring WordPress. Build a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) of your plugin using certain tools and choose your functionality requirements as goals to achieve when writing the code of the pluginDo a Marketing Research using various types of research and ways to communicate with your target audienceFind & Focus on a Target Market are your specific features of the product and promotional strategy that is focused on a segment of the plugins marketCreate a Simple Well-organized Structure and learn what is the best way to organize your files and foldersLearn if you need pre-made free scripts and frameworks like Bootstrap and Font Awesome and Speed up Development by learning how to write your codeWhat can you do to improve the design, learn the latest CSS3 tricks to get things transformed, rotated, faded out or use jQuery functions for the same thingVarious tactics and methods of how to have a proper Testing & Fixing Bugs process that will lead to a responsive, sophisticated and flow-less pluginUpload To a Marketplace by following the marketplace guidelines How to Create Cool Marketing Promos and attract a lot of attention Engaging Customers & Continuous Support Biography of the instructorFounder and instructor Dimitar Atanasov have a bachelor degree in electronic business, have passed tests like WordPress and PHP with flying colors and hold the 1st place with Bootstrap on Upwork tests.His experience includes the WordPress platform, Magento, Zen Cart, Facebook apps, flash-based applications, custom-made web sites, tools or applications made from scratch with PHP, JavaScript, Ajax and Jquery, Cron jobs, GIT, SSL, Font Awesome, Columnizer, FitVids etc.You can view the submitted and approved plugins on the CodeCanyon store with the link above.