12 Creative Glitch Projects in Photoshop – secrets revealed



You are probably scrolling through Instagram and seeing many amazing artworks and you wonder how the hell did they create that?In this course you will create 12 projects and learn some secret techniques used to create unique effects. All projects have detailed videos with explanations. We will go through every tool you need to know to create these effects. And if you need help just leave a comment and I will reply the same day.So why glitch projects?Glitch artworks have been a trend for a long time and especially this year they became really popular. Brands are working with more and more artists to ask them create artworks with unique styles. Anyone seeing a glitch artwork instantly fells in love with it.Do you need Photoshop knowledge to follow this course?Yes you need to be familiar with Photoshop, but if you are not then this is not a big problem because Ihave a free Photoshop course on Udemy, just go to my teacher profile and find it there. After learning some basics in that course you can get back here and start creating amazing projects