14 day yoga program – Get yoga (back) into your life.



Good things happen when we dedicate ourselves to a daily yoga practice. Really good things. So… to inspire you and also have some fun together as a community, we’re compiling a 14 day dedication to “get yoga into your life!.If yoga is already in your life, even better. Think of this as a way to nurture an essential relationship. Typically, the more time you spend with a loved one, the more fruitful the relationship becomes…,right? Each day, we will recommend which video(s) to practice, creating a complete program for you to explore different styles and teachers within The House of Yoga video library.IntegrateWe believe yoga is about so much more than the practices on the mat. It is a way of life. On top of a practice, each day, we will provide you with a focussome way to take yoga off of your mat and into your life. This way, we can have yogis all over the world collectively creating positive vibes and taking this out to inspire positive habits and changefor ourselves and others.Daily scheduleWe wanted to give you the approximate schedule of the practices ahead of time so you can schedule this into your calendars and allocate the needed time. See the bottom of this post for the fourteen day practice schedule.DAY 1: Simple Home Asana Practice (Govinda Kai) – 45 minutesDAY 2: Mindful Yoga (Kristin Skotnes Vikjord) – 42 minutesDAY 3: Morning Glory (Katiza Satya) – 60 minutesDAY 4: Perfect Palance (Katiza Satya) – 120 minutesDAY 5: Mindful Yoga Flow (Kristin Skotnes Vikjord) – 42 minutesDAY 6: Yin: Opening the Heart (Mariah Mansvelt Beck) – 25 minutesDAY 7: Perfect Union (Kristin Skotnes Vikjord) – 75 minutesDAY 8: Simple Home Asana Practice (Govinda Kai) – 45 minutes OR Ashtanga Yoga Half Primary Series (Kino Mac Gregor)- 90 minutesDAY 9: Morning Glory (Katiza Satya) – 60 minutesDAY 10: Stabilize & Ground (Erica Jago) – 30 minutesDAY 11: Emotions in Motion – Worry (Mariah Mansvelt Beck) – 25 minutesDAY 12: Mindful Yoga Flow (Kristin Skotnes Vikjord) – 42 minutesDAY 13: Freeing Vital Energy (Katiza Satya) – 25 minutesDAY 14: Delight Yoga Practice (Katiza Satya) – 120 minutes