1Z0-932/1Z0-1072 Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Mock Test Arch


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Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Associate Architect Certification is a must have certificates for any IT professional working with any cloud technologies. This Mock test is designed to help prepare you for the fundamentals of Cloud Infrastructure Associate architect certification test.I have already published two training courses on Udemy which helps you prepare from being a novice to an expert. This certification test was never in the scope of my training material, I designed it to help my students with their questions they had with the test environment. Also, I have included the Q&A from the feedback I received from students who have successfully completed the certification exam and many of whom have already secured cloud architect jobs.As Oracle constantly updates the curriculum I try my best to update the training material accordingly, if you are already my student from one of my other courses you would know how active I am with my students Q&A, so in short I will do the same and not only incorporate updates as per the curriculum changes but also the feedback you as students provide.Prepare to clear the exam in first attempt:Take training on the basic and advanced courses 1z0-932, or self-study from Oracle documentationTake the mock up test, read through the reasoning material and if a link is provided make sure to read through the article.If any clarification is needed ask in the Q&A section of the training, I will try my best to respond within 24 hoursRetake the mock up test and do not schedule actual exam until you score 100% on the mock up testPass the exam and publish your name, provide certification feedback if any (optional)How to approach the exam:Few things you must keep in mind at the start of the exam, cloud business is flourishing for multiple reasons, so answers listed with those points are most probably going to be true:Cost ownershipData security and compliance (as a business cloud providers must make sure they secure their customer data and are compliant with all regulations out there)Durability (if they cannot give you back your data cloud providers will have no customers)High Availability (Customers always need their business up and running and looking for cloud providers to mitigate all known vulnerabilities)Automation or ease of use ( Cloud providers are making it easy for users to provision and manage their cloud infrastructure as they want the small guys to be on the cloud)I believe if you understand the concepts of the points listed above you could clear 25% of the exam (but 25% is no good) without even taking any training, those of you who are not sure about those concepts I would suggest you read up more on those topics and get a basic understanding.Lets look at an example we can discuss here…A customer wants to do development on premise while leveraging services such as Java Cloud, Mobile Developer Cloud, and App Builder Services. The customer would also like to scale out the application, stretching from on-premises to the cloud by using a common API. Which options should he choose (select two)OptionsOracle cloud Ravello serviceOracle cloud infrastructureOracle cloud infrastructure classicOracle cloud at customerLooking at the question (mention of on-prem) first selection would be cloud at customer but that is incorrect (Cost ownership)Reasoning why would customer go through a contract of have the infrastructure installed in their data center when they are okay with scaling out their infrastructure to the cloud, so a more economic solution would be Oracle cloud infrastructure just pay for what and how much you use…Part two of the question:Assumption here is you have read about Ravello service as listed here…What is Ravello?Ravello is a cloud service that enables enterprises to run their VMware and KVM workloads, with datacenter-like (L2) networking, as-is on the public cloud without any modifications. With Ravello, enterprises dont need to convert their VMs or change their networking configuration to run their existing apps on the public cloudSo, the key word as-is from your data center to public cloud VMware and KVM workloadsSo, the second choice is Ravello.I have tried to provide similar explanations to most of the questions in this training and I am hoping they will be helpful to you.So, come on in and lets crack this exam with minimum sweat. Good Luck!! – Deepak