Course in Pre-Launch Mode,Total number of question will be around 42+.Oracle Planning Central Cloud Service 2017 Implementation Essentials 1Z0-992 Test series1Z0-992 practice testIt cover 100% of Oracle exam 1Z0-992 certification syllabus.You can find questions more on practical side,they will help you to solve your real time problems.Exam Topics:Supply PlansManage Creating, Copying and Viewing a Supply PlanApply Supply Plan optionsConfigure Safety Stock Plan optionsEvaluate Supply Plan inputsPerform Running Supply PlanDescribe Supply Planning ConceptsDevelop Modelling and Analyzing Supply PlanManage Release RecommendationsAnalyze Demand FulfillmentData CollectionManage Data Collection from the Oracle Fusion Source SystemExplain Loading Planning Data from FilesAnalyze Collected Data in the Planning Data RepositoryExceptionsConfigure Exceptions and Exception SetsAnalyze Exceptions in PlansSimulationsEvaluate Demand/Supply ChangesExecute SimulationsDemand ManagementConfigure a Demand PlanPerform a Run and Manage Demand PlanApply Forecasting Methods and Causal FactorsEvaluate Forecast results and accuracyDescribe Override Demand Forecast and Plan ApprovalConfigure UOM and CurrencyExplain Disaggregation Parameters and Conditional FormattingSupply Network ModelExplain Supply Network ModelDescribe Approved Supplier ListCreate Assignment Sets, Sourcing Rules, and Bills of DistributionApply Item Attributes for Supply PlanningDescribe A Drop ShipmentCreate a Drop Ship PlanCreate Drop Ship SourcingConfigure a Drop Shipment ForecastPlanning AnalyticsConfigure Planning AnalyticsConfigure Dimensions and Dimension CatalogsExplain Measure CatalogsIdentify Measure TargetsApply Levels and AttributesAdvanced FulfillmentExplain Contract ManufacturingDescribe Back to BackExplain Configure to Order