21 Strategies to Build GREAT Credit!



This course will explain how your credit rating and credit score affects you, not only when you are dealing with a lender, but also when seeking employment or a place to live. Simple strategies are provided to build good credit and repair poor credit. This will ensure that you are looked upon favorably by employers, landlords, insurers and receive the lowest possible interest rate anytime you seek to borrow. Possessing an outstanding credit rating will lower your monthly payments by lowering your monthly debt service expenditures. This will save you thousands over time and put you on the path to financial wellbeing. We provide all the tools necessary to improve your credit rating and score as quickly and painlessly as possible and will educate you on: How vitally important it is to have a good credit rating in todays economy Understanding the consequences of poor credit Improving your money mind-set Understanding credit scores and how such scores are computed How to improve your credit rating Repairing poor credit Fix errors on your credit report Strategies to make your credit look great