Course Overview This Course comprises 10 Sections and a total of 58 lectures, over 16.5 hours. Each Section covers a rapid delivery method, together with many Exercises. Problems and Sample Solutions to ensure that you completely understand each method.Section 5 teaches rapid, manual methods using visual inspection that have not been used before by technical data modelers. These methods have been used successfully over 20 years by Enterprise Engineering to deliver systems and databases into production progressively in 3-month deliveries. Using visual inspection, these manual methods: Identify business activities and business processes in a data map; Determine the project phase number of each entity in a data map; Derive project plans from a data map; Derive an Enterprise Architecture Portfolio Plan (EAPP) from any data map for project management purposes; Derives a Project Map for early milestone deliverables of sub-projects into production from complex business processes, so that early business benefits can be realized This Section 5 includes Case Study Problems and Sample Solutions so you can learn how to use these rapid delivery methods effectively.