30 Steps to Mastering Photoshop



30 steps to masteringPhotoshop. Learn your way around the most powerful image editor on the planet, and harness the power of Photoshop to turn your photography into masterpieces.New to Photoshop or self-taught? These are the perfectlessonsto become familiar with 1)how to set up Photoshop to begin your image editing project, and 2)how to use the most important tools and featuressuch as Layers, Channels,Selections, Adjustments, andLayer Masks, and 3) how to use the power of Blending Modes and Blending Options to change the colors in your images and create powerful photographic masterpieces.In these 30lessonsyou will learnThe building blocksof the Photoshop workspaceHow to navigate in your imagesHow to use multiple undo and HistoryHow to make selections and masksHow to sample color with the EyedropperHow to change the color of your workspaceHow to use the Brush toolHow to arrange multiple images on your screenHow to do Non-Destructive editingHow to use LayersHow to use ChannelsHow to use Adjustment LayersHow to use the Hue/Saturation adjustmentHow to use Layer MasksHow to view and paint in Layer MasksHow to make Layer Masks from SelectionsHow to use the Masks panelHow to change Layer opacityHow to use Blending Modes and Blending OptionsHow to Blend based on ColorHow to change the colors in your photographsHow to make multiple versions of your imageHow to create a misty morning lookHow to add softly graduating colors in your photographyGet going with the amazing capabilities ofAdobe Photoshop, and work like a pro!