35-Minute Mastery: Enterprise B2B Sales Condensed



**To master Enterprise sales you need years of practicebut only 30 minutes of focused theory**This course condenses 20 years of Enterprise/B2B sales experience into “6 Principles + 6 Stages” that can be digested in 35 minutes flat.You will learn the most fundamental Enterprise/B2B sales skills and how to apply them immediately to drive revenue in your target market.If you have no (or very limited) enterprise sales experience and need to learn super fast, this is the best 30-minute time investment you can make. If you have some experience, thiscourse wouldbe a very efficient refresher.By the end of the course you will be able to:Apply co-creation concepts to make enterprise business buyers take ownership early in the process and sell your product to themselvesRapidly iterate your pitch until it fits perfectly into what the buyer is ready to pay forIdentify and connect with key decision makersGenerate leads, prune out time wasters, andexecute on your most promising prospectsMake more effective cold calls and sendcold emails that people respond toUse strategic questioning to accelerate the sales cycle and more!