5 Quick and Easy Weeknight Curry Course



Welcome to my 5 Quick and Easy Weeknight Curries Course!This course is designed and structured for easy understanding and use.My purpose in putting together this course is to help you create delicious, nutritious, quick and easy meals on those days when time is precious!I’ll show you just how easy it is to cook these 5 delicious, quick and easy curries from India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Singapore.We’ll be learning to cook:Chicken Karahi from PakistanFish Sothi from Sri LankaPepper Chicken from IndiaSayur Lemak from Singapore and MalaysiaSmoked Salmon Curry, South Indian but with my own signature twist.Each course as mentioned, is broken down for ease of use.You get 3 lectures for each recipe:1. Intro2. Ingredients3. The actual cooking of the recipeAlong the way, as always, I’ll share with you hints and suggestions for the recipes and you’ll also get some background information on each dish.Every dish is accompanied by a detailed, step-by-step written recipe that you can download in Microsoft Word or Adobe pdf format.Get your aprons on!