6 Must Know Tricks to Successful Solos


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It’s very hard to play an awesome solo without the proper ‘phrasing’…Imagine talking to someone who always spoke in the same tone, at the same pace and stopping at exactly the same spots. Would you believe anything they tell you? Probably not right? Because they don’t sound genuine or even human. If you want your audience to feel something during your solo’s, you’re going to have to be believeable. To be believable your solo itself must have that extra human element” to it. That’s where phrasing comes in. Problem is, most people have no idea what phrasing even is or how to begin finding their own voice” in their solos.Most people try to copy” the style other guitarists.While it’s great to learn from the masters, what most people end up doing is trying to become something they’re not. Not everyone can tap like Eddie Van Halen. If you try to force it, you’ll only become a subpar copyHere’s What You Can DoSteve Stine, Professor of Modern Guitar Studies at North Dakota State University, decided to take his more than 25 years of teaching and playing guitar to make a short course aimed specifically at teaching people how to build their own explosive solos in their own style and strengths. The outcome was this course… 6 Secrets to Successful Solos will get you building your own phrases and melodies and ultimately solos, starting from the ground up so don’t worry if you’ve never played a solo before in your life.