If you have been learning English for 3 or more years (including at school) and still are not 100% happy with your level or progress, then this course is for you :)This course will show you the reasons why you feel unhappy with your level of English because it focuses on the 6 most common problems almost all students face when learning English which stop them from achieving full happiness with their level.These problems are…You Fear What Others ThinkYou Worry Your English Isn't Good EnoughYou Try To Be Perfect & Not Make MistakesYou Always Feel You Need More VocabularyYou Learn 95% And Practice 5%You Focus On Grammar Rules (too confusing)Do you have any of them?This course focuses on smashing these problems instantly, so you overcome them and can start speaking English with confidence.The course includes the following "6 Rules To Pure Confidence"…Don't WorryYour English Is Better Than Their _______Communication Is KeyAvoiding The Trap95/5 RuleGrammar vs TemplatesWhat Does The Course Consist Of?6 videos (1 for each RULE) so you can get through the course quickly and easily with success. There are 2 PDF downloads also for you to keep on your computer for your convenience.Who Is This Course For?This course is for anyone who has been learning English for at least 3 years (including school). In other words, for Intermediate or Advanced level students.How Long Will The Course Take To Complete?The course is only about 1 hour long in total so anyone should be able to complete the course in 1 day and be able to re-do any lecture they feel they need to "re-enforce" the rules. The course is focused on teaching new approaches to your English and how to overcome the problems that get in the way of your progress. It's not filled with vocabulary lists or grammar rules you need to try to learn. So it is quick and easy to master.Do I Need To Prepare Anything For The Course?No, we provide everything you need. All you need to do is be ready to learn English in a new way and say goodbye to your problems and frustration with English 🙂