If you are in UfB, welcome.If you are not, don’t buy this course. Instead, please look at my 70-461 Session 1-7: Querying Microsoft SQL Server (SQL code) course instead, which includes this course and 6 other courses.Reviews:”Best I’ve seen. Instead of just throwing information at me, I’m able to work along with the instructor. Thanks!!!” — Charles Schweiger”Lots of material covered in an easy-to-follow way. Not too slow, and not too face. Great job!” — Anita ParksThis course is the foundation for the Microsoft Certificate 70-461: “Querying Microsoft SQL Server 2012/2014”.Rather than present one huge course, this course takes some of the basics and then goes in depth. The basics presented are: how to install SQL Server, and how to create and drop tables.We then try to create a more advanced table, but find that we need to know more about data types – so we go into some detail about data types and data functions, the foundation of T-SQL.In session 2 (the second half of this course), we’ll look at the 6 principal clauses of the SELECT statement: SELECT, FROM, WHERE, GROUP BY, HAVING and ORDER BY. We’ll look at how the FROM can be expanded to JOIN 2 or 3 tables, and then we’ll finish by inserting, updating and deleting data.No prior knowledge is required – I’ll even show you how to install SQL Server on your computer for free!There are regular quizzes to help you remember the information.Once finished, you will know what how to manipulate numbers, strings and dates, and create database and tables, and have an appreciation of how they can all be used in T-SQL.