93+ Coconut Oil Uses For Health, Beauty & Home



This is an intensely practical course. With the recent explosion of interest in this magical tropical oil, you naturally want the best results. You may know a lot of uses for coconut oil but there are almost certainly ideas here that you haven't considered."93+ Uses For Coconut Oil" is for two types of people:Those who have heard a lot of talk about coconut oil and are wondering if it's an oil they should be interested in?Folks who have a jar of coconut oil on their shelf but need some ideas about what to DO with this oily marvel?The best way to use the course is to quickly scan the list of topics and choose those ideas that are relevant to your life. In mere minutes you will know enough to start using your oil in exciting new ways.We promise to limit the science and to have as much fun as possible. With 76 lectures and 4 handouts, you will have more ideas than you can handle. In fact, if there's any problem it's that it might be hard to know where to start because there are so many choices.And this course will never be finished! We actively seek your help to evaluate the ideas that are here and to send us new ones so that we can share with other coconut oil lovers.