Who Should Join:1. Friends, please take the time to review the curriculum carefully before buying so you can see exactly whether this is the right course for you. Please kindly refrain from enrolling until this very important step is complete. 2. Please watch the free preview videos so you can see whether the presentation style works for you. Please remember Iam just one person, and Imake my videos often after Ihave been working for many hours already.3. You are interested in real coding.4. You enjoy detailed explanations at an introductory level. Please answer the questions in the quizzes based on the course content, and not external knowledge you might already have. This is very important in order for the quizzes to work correctly. Very important note:this course is a general overview of many topics, so not every topic can be explored in great depth and at every level of subtlety. 5. You can take videos that are 13 minutes on average.6. You enjoy seeing how different technologies interact.7. You understand that most of the SQLis done in the Microsoft Management Studio, and not Visual Studio.9. You’re NOTlooking for fancy graphics, a talking head, or entertainment.9. You’re looking for practical, carefully explained examples, where the code is written line by line.10. Imade all the code in a fairly big font to be sure it’s easy to see.11. If you use SQLServer versions below 2014, some of the code will not work. You must use versions 2014 and above.12. This course uses ASP.NET and C# and not MVC.13. You understand this is a beginners course, and therefore everything is developed over a period of 18 hours, but by the end, assuming you complete the course,you will have many powerful, practical skills.14. Idon’t have an intense amountof energy in my videosbecause they aremade after I’ve been at work for many hours already.Major benefits of the course:1) Learn query writing by using the Microsoft Management Studio2) Learn how to create database connected web pages using SQL and ASP.NETcontrols4) Get PDF’s that depict difficult concepts in pictures for improved understanding5) Get 210 quiz questions so you can feel confident you’re making true progress.6) Learn the basics of database connecting code using Microsoft’s premier programming language: C# 7) Get exposure to modern SQLlanguage features like Lag/Lead 8) Build a dashboard system with SQL Server, ASP Web Forms, C# and JQuery (bottom of course)Given the number of videos, PDF’s, variety of teaching methods, quizzes, and a project that is designed to give you a feeling of what to expect in the real world, we’re confident this is by far the best deal on this site. Join today, and learn truly valuable skills. jQuery and related marks are trademarks of the JS Foundation, and this course is not affiliated with or endorsed by the JS Foundation.Parts of promo background licensed from Presenter Media . com