Course Overview:1. This course is for those who are interested in set theory.2. This branch of mathematics is relevant to computer science areas like databases.3. Each video is done in 1080p.4. The audio is done with a studio microphone, so it’s clear and crisp.5. There areexercises placed throughout the videos.6. The videos are on average 6.5minutes long.7.PowerPoint presentations are used to build the concepts.8.C# code examples are used toillustrate the concepts.9. You can adjust the playback speed easily on the player.10. You should already have Visual Studio 2017 Community installed on your computer.11. You should already know how to create and run a simple console program in Visual Studio.12. For the hearing-impaired, closed-captions are added automatically. Ido not have control over those, so they might not be perfect. 13.Thank you for reading, and Iwill see you inside!