Though strategy is fundamental to business success, it continues to be an ill-understood discipline. In this course we will therefore demystify what strategy is and what it isnt and we will guide you through a clear process on how to develop a winning strategy. We start that process byAnalyzing where you want to play- here we show you how to evaluate the general attractiveness of an industry and how to identify the customer segments you may want to serve Then we explore How to identify opportunities for a new distinctive value proposition in a market -because to compete in an industry you need to understand what product or service factors drive current competition and whether there are any unmet needs or unresolved pain points in the industry you can serveNext, weshow you How to reconfigure your company’s value chain to best deliver on that new value proposition – During this step of the process we help you evaluate what all the things are that your company would have to do differently in how you create, produce, market, sell, deliver and support your product or service in order to best deliver on that new distinctive value propositionThen weproceed by showing you how to Determine the capabilities your company will need to have to realize that value chain And finally, wetalk about What it takes to successfully execute a winning strategy- because in the end a strategy only becomes a winning strategy if it is well executed!!!! Throughout this process we will share with you a variety of simple yet powerful frameworks that you can use to support your strategy development efforts. And rest assured that we will also illustrate these concept and frameworks with lots of real life examples to really bring them to life, so you won’t be bored !And lastly, we should mention that you will be in very capable hands as Brenda has 20+ years of strategy development experience. First as a strategic management consultant for Booz Allen & Hamilton and later on as an executive leader working across various industries in Europe, the US and Asia.