Ableton Live Boogie Funk Course G-Funk Style



In this course you will learn how to produce a track that is in the style of artists from the early 1980’s Electronic Funk genres such as Roger Troutman and his band Zapp to name but one. This type of music was the blue print for producers like Dr Dre and Snoop Dogg in the early to mid 90’s where they took inspiration from this kind of music and turned it into G-Funk for the West Cost Rap scene. You will learn all of the skills and techniques that were applied to this sound back in the early 1980’s by replicating the sounds, the melodies and the rhythms in a contemporary fashion using Ableton live. All of the VST 3rd party plug in synths are free and do not cost any extra for you. The entire course is arranged in easy to follow videos and you can find all of the course materials in the folder provided, which also includes the original Ableton template which I created so you can compare at the end of the course once you complete it.