Energy – More important than ever right now!Some economists say that the GDP of a country is directly proportional to its energy consumption. The global population is predicated to reach nearly 10 billion people by 2050. This will put high requirements on the demand for energy globally, requirements for leaner and more efficient supply chains, a push towards a diversified energy portfolio mix and stricter environmental and regulatory control. The impact would be a spurge in need for specialists having deep domain knowledge within the energy space to help our precious blue planet face some of its biggest energy challenges and hopefully help us transition into the “new-energy” age. Course Overview:The course is specifically designed to impart you with the fundamental concepts to thrive and succeed in banking, commodity and energy companies and most importantly, help you clear the ERP – Exam in your first attempt. I have attempted to simplify and break down complex concepts into easy digestible pieces to ensure maximum learning is transitioned to you,  in an entertaining manner.The focused cheat sheets will make you be exam ready and well prepared. The wide range of questions in the form of quizzes  (multiple choice questions) aligned to the GARP – ERP exam format will assist in consolidating your knowledge and give you an idea on the topics you need to better focus on. Lastly, I talk to industry professionals from a wide range of backgrounds within energy and upload them in the form of podcasts. You get access to those as well in this course. So come, join hands with me and let’s partner together to help you clear the ERP 2020 exam! I wish you all the luck in the world and hope you clear it in the first attempt :)Kindly Note: This course is Certified by GARP as an ERP Exam Preparation Provider. What you get with the course:200+ Practice Quiz Questions aligned to the GARP – ERP paper patternFormulas with working Excel SpreadsheetsAll the fundamental core concepts you need to ace the examConsolidated links to important learning materials available onlineOne Stop Shop for all your ERP QueriesAccess to Energy Podcasts within the course – Meet the professionals from various backgrounds. Core concepts covered in this course:ERP – Part 1 – PhysicalsHedging, Speculation and ArbitrageRisks involved in energy tradingCrude Oil Value ChainWhat the hell is “Dated Brent” ?Natural Gas Value ChainPower Value ChainPower Trading – Calculating the clearing priceCoal Value ChainPrice Reporting AgenciesAgro Value Chain (Bonus)122 practice questions for ERP – Part 1ERP – Part 2 – FinancialsForwards and FuturesEnergy Commodity OptionsBlack Scholes Option PricingCostless Collar Hedging StrategiesThe Brent Complex and Brent CFDCross Hedging StrategiesEnergy SwapsValuation of Energy SwapsEnergy Exchanges and Trade MechanismsExchange Futures for Physicals (EFPs)PnL, VaR and CFaR142 practice questions for ERP – Part 2Post registering, click on the “resources” button provided by Udemy under each lecture to open the cheat sheets, presentation and ready made excel formula sheets for you to leverage. Course Updates19th July 2020 – Audio issue fixed for 3 lectures on power value chainBenefits of clearing the GARP – ERP Exam: (my experience)1. You get your “foot in the door” in energy companies and create a path for a lucrative, challenging and fulfilling career2. You get to join a network of renowned industry experts in the field of energy, risk and trade finance3. GARP – ERP’s are employed by almost all of the biggest energy companies globally4. Gain deeper knowledge and inner-workings of an energy firm5. Once certified, you clearly stand out from the competition and make an excellent first impression6. Gives your career a significant boost in terms of both your role and financial value7. Join the prestigious ERP community of over 1400+ professionals spread across 70+ countriesTo learn more about becoming a Certified ERP, visit the GARP ERP websiteCourse Disclaimer:1. This is a beginner level course and not designed for advanced industry experts. However, post registering, you get access to our community of over 300+ ERP candidates (many of whom are now ERP professionals!). You can leverage this community for interactions or advance queries through this platform. 2. Sometimes the audio volume tends to get low (my apologies in advance). I urge you to use headphones and after that, it should be perfectly audible. In case you still face issues, just drop me a mail and I will assist you on the same. 3. Honest and transparent participant feedback on the Udemy course platform. You may probably not find this anywhere else on the internet. GARP DisclaimerGARP does not endorse, promote, review or warrant the accuracy of the products or services offered by this Udemy course of GARP Exam related information, nor does it endorse any pass rates that maybe claimed in this Udemy course. Further, GARP is not responsible for any fees or costs paid by the user towards attending this online course nor is GARP responsible for any fees or costs of any persons or entity providing any service to this Udemy course. ERP, FRM, GARP and Global Association of Risk Professionals, in standard character or italics form, are trademarks owned by the Global Association of Risk Professionals, Inc.