Ace the MBA Application!



This course is designed for applicants to the best MBA programs around the world. Structured as a series of short videos with powerful insights and expert advice based on crafting hundreds of successful applications, this comprehensive guide is all that you need to be able to nail this application process. In addition to collecting nuances and tips that are based on dilemmas faced by the best applicants, this course is also accompanied by a vast set of additional resources including videos and articles written by the topmost experts, to aid the student in their MBA application journey. The course is intended for both first-time and re-applicants, and covers all aspects of the process including school research, test scores, resume, essays, recommendation letters, application form, pre-submission reviews, visiting the school, optional and re-applicant essays. Applicants should take this course to have a companion who can guide them step-by-step through the process, and help them organize their thoughts and efforts to submit a stellar application.