Ace Your 101, Basic Keelboat Written Sailing Exam



So you are new to sailing and you don’t know what you don’t know. What are ‘points of sail’, or ‘stand-on vessel’ or ‘leeward’ (pronounced lew-ard)? This is a good place to start! OR Are you facing the prospect of taking the 101 Basic Keelboat Sailing written test? After completing this course you will be able to pass the exam with flying colors.Additionally, you will have the knowledge that will bring you to a whole new level of understanding sailing: terminology that will become automatic, and concepts that make sense of your on-the-water experience.Learn sailing basics and be safe on the waterAce your written knowledge exam without test anxietyAccelerate your learning fast, easy and more efficient than readingThis course is patterned after the format of the American Sailing Association’s learn to sail programs. It does not take the place of an ASA instructor or on-the-water practice and experience. However it contains a body of essential knowledge to advance your skills and seamanship.This course is over two hours of content utilizing over 250 colorful pictures, graphics,narrations and tipsto add to your experience of having been theredone that” (before you ever face the situation on the water for the first time). The content is divided into six modules: Poiints of Sail; Terminology (SailorSpeak); Rules of the Road; Basic Navigation; Knots to Know; and Required/Good to Know. Supplemental content covers several topics in detail all essential foundationalknowledge to keep you safe in a sailboat during day in light to moderate sea conditions and winds.