Acquire multilogical critical thinking skills



This is a course that helps the person/student’s cognition to evaluate arguments properly without sinking into biases:it helps to analyse and comprehend the consistency of arguments, their veracity, plausibility, logicality or illogicality.We must acknowledge that we are living in an age of wonderful possibilities, in terms of self-education and the extensive access to productive information. This age also offers an overload of biased information, false data and quackery of all kinds, especially on line. This is why a sober and therefore productive reasoning is so necessary not only from a personal perspective, as a form of social responsibility, as well as a valuable contribution for the future generations and civilization to come.It is fundamental to develop qualitative thinking in order to identify and understand which information to trust and what to discard both inwardly and outwardly. It is very important to understand how to detect the psychological, social and popular fallacies, the broken logic and the defective arguments in order to prevent unnecessary/irrational cognitive positions and consequential possible problems.This is an unique course because it combines critical thinking with the understanding of memetics, metacognitive approaches, metamemetic thinking skills and applied rationality.Note: The understanding of contents in the course can be extended via private voice classes. If the student is interested in this possibility then please contact or check the wepage www. eofproject. net