Addition For Young Learners



Arithmetic is essentialfor students tounderstand. It serves as the foundation for pre-algebra, algebra, and beyond. And it all starts with addition. The Addition For Young Learnerscourse, created by author and teacher, Marc Lapointe, is specifically designed to teachyoung children (kindergarten – elementary) how to masteraddition. Whether your child is ready and eager to dive into addition for the first time, or your son or daughter struggles to successfully grasp addition procedures and concepts, this course will provide the foundation he or she needs to successfully tackle any addition problem.Highlights include:Lessons are kept concise so that your child can easily remember and practice new skills.Lesson are animated – but not distracting – so that your child can feel at ease in the “virtual” classroom.Each lesson builds on the one before so that your child has the knowledge, practice and confidence to tackle moredifficult procedures.Each lesson is accompanied by printablepractice worksheets and a video answer key.Your child can complete the lessons at her own pace in the comfort of your home.In comparison to tutoring, workbooks, or other software, our course comes at a fraction of the cost.