In this course youll learn how to create motion graphics in Adobe After Effects. This motion graphics course is everything you need to start creating beautiful animation & infographics. As part of this course youll get downloadable exercise files so you can work along exactly with the trainer. Youll also get completed files with every video so you can download and check your files against the trainers.Your trainer is an Adobe After Effects Certified Expert and Certified Instructor. Daniel has been creating immersive infographics and motion graphics for more than 12 years.The course is approximately 3 hours long. Each step broken into individual videos to make it easily digestible.In this course we’ll cover:Motion GraphicsInfographicsCorrect video settings.Exporting your video easily.Type animation.Easing and motion blur.Rendering your video for Youtube & Vimeo.Titles for interviews.Adding music.Trimming & editing video.Watermarking your video.Fixing shaky footage.Color correcting footage.Add a vignette to your video.Matrix effect.Working with IllustratorWorking with PhotoshopGreen ScreenMasking.Animating bar, line & pie charts.3D type.Animating static images using parallaxCharacter animationIn this course youll create over 15 smaller projects so you can gain experience with the software. You can also use the exercises we create in your own portfolio.Youll need Adobe After Effects installed on your computer. A 30 day free trial can be downloaded directly from Adobe.If youve been excited by the world of motion graphics but still havent started. This beginner course is perfect for you.Dan (Adobe Certified Instructor)