Theeasy guide to learning Illustrator is finally here!Imagesplay an important role in the society. In addition to addingto the first structuredlanguage (hieroglyphics), itis also used to paint apicture, or even invokeemotions. Images areconstantly used around us from art to websites to comics, and so on.We can find the integrationof images everywhere.Thisis why designers, photographers and illustrators areimportant people and are often paidhandsome money for their art. Toaid their efforts, there are many different tools that are availableonline, one popular one being Adobe Illustrator.AdobeIllustrator is a vector graphics editor and has beenused across multiple sectors including graphic design, comic drawing,photo manipulation or even simple sketching. Its versatility hasmade this software a brilliant tool for any designer, for anyproject. Because of itsamazing toolkit, Illustratoris commonly the go-to editorfor artists and evennon-artists.Ifyou want to master Adobe Illustrator, then weve got the perfectcourse for you.Thiscourse has been created from the ground up to help you understand theAdobe Illustrator software, including the Toolkit. The tutorial willbreakdown the user interfaceto help you learn the insand outs of Illustrator. Itwill also teach you thedifferent little shortcuts that make Illustrator a pleasure to use,as well as how much it can actually do for you.Thisamazing course comes with mini projects that you can work on alongwith the instructor, as well as assignmentsand images that are greatfor practice. This course is completely practical, which means youwill work with theinstructor on the images. Thecourse will start off with adetailed introduction into Illustrators interface, along with thedifferent tool sets, from there you will learn about Panels, creatingcustom workspaces and toolbars, how to create documents withartboards, how to organizeyour documents with layers, differentshortcuts that are timesavers, howto create a variety ofshapes, working with the PenTool, how to enhanceyour artwork with type, color, gradients, patterns, and specialeffects. You will also learnhow to use illustrator withother Adobe applications andeven how to prepareyour work for output for print and digital delivery.Atthe end of this course, you will have everything you need to getstarted with working on your own projects in Illustrator. So,what are you waiting for? Enrollnow and lets build your next masterpiece!