Adobe Photoshop CC The Essential Guide



This course is for people who want to learn Photoshop CC as quickly as possible. The course lectures are designed to be well structured and straight to the point. This no fluff approach allows you to learn more in less time. Learn the skills that professionals use: Get familiar with and customize the Photoshop Workspace Understand how to design using Layers Master Text, Image, and Shape Layers Extract parts of an Image using Layer Selection Advanced techniques in Photoshop Backgrounds, Brushes, Actions, Filters, and PathsPlus bonus links and resources!Photoshop skills are in very high demandSpending a few hours learning Photoshop is a great investment in yourself. Photoshop experts are in very high demand because Photoshop is synonymous to creating designs in the professional world. Whether you want to start design career or spice up your current skillset, learning Photoshop is an investment that will payoff for many years to come.A simple straightforward step by step approachUnlike many courses you'll find out there, this course was designed to make great use of your time. The instructions are well thought out and straight to the point. Each lecture is designed to teach a specific task in the real world. This task based learning allows to "learn by doing". You'll not only learn what the Photoshop tools are, but more importantly, you'll learn how and when to use them.