Alright , so let me get this straight . I know you can read that is the reason why you came here & you of course read the title . So now you might be thinking that this guy’s claims are just not solid because how can a person possibly become a professional in just 10 hours ! Well apparently he/she can & to prove it we might go into the very definition of a professional .WIKIPEDIA : A professional is a member of a profession or any person who earns their living from a specified activity .The very first statement on wiki states that a person who makes money(serious) from their skills is called a professional . Hence in short I teach you to make money serious money with skills that I teach you along the course !I am not the ultimate expert in these fields but I do make money out of them & I do have some experience backing it .So now what skills will I teach you !? Well :1. Animation (After Effects , Cinema 4d )2. Graphic Design (Illustrator , Photoshop)3. Photo Editing (Photoshop)4. Video Editing (Premiere Pro , Sony Vegas Pro & Avid Media Composer)NOTE : Some of the programs listed above might not be in the course right now because the summary was updated before the course actually was updated with new programs & stuff .And now its not only about money , but I have some techniques that might help you to find a real job & a real client/boss !Now as I have cleared almost all of your questions . We have now the ultimate question i.e. Why on earth would you take this course ?First of all you would be able to master the skills of animation like composting , 3D modelling , effects , transitions & more …You’ll create 3D models with Cinema 4D & compost & animate them in After Effects Also if you find these softwares expensive I give you the inexpensive alternative to create almost similar looking effects in AE & Cinema 4D Then in Graphic Design we’ll cover the most interesting tools like Photoshop & Illustrator & explore them .We’ll start with the basics first , then jump onto some important topics like typography , flat design , color correction & schemes & the fundamentals of graphic design . We’ll also learn to make professional looking web templates .Then we’ll see on how to edit photos like color correcting them , hiding some unwanted stuff or adding some effects & making other changes Now we will learn some good video editing with industry grade softwares like Avid Media Composer , Vegas Pro & Premiere Pro . We’ll learn how to make dynamic transitions & cuts with how to match your video with music & much much more …And last but not the least we’ll learn to make some serious money out of all this & perhaps find us some jobs !So there is so much to this course . A complete package of skills which you can use to make some really good money ! I believe you might find the course of some value till then cheers !NOTE : Some of the things described here might not be in the course at the moment as the summary was updated before the entire course itself & adding so much of content updates to a course might be a slower process . So please wait for the updates to come .