You will learn why you need to break HTML Content into multiple views, extra plugins(JS) loading issues. I will cover the cache mechanism of how and why we use it; you will also learn how to use Javascript and jQuery with live AJAX functionality.You will also learn how to save your images with AJAX; I will also give you some tips and tricks related to JSadding the Admin panel dashboard so you can learn how to manage your site from the admin panel, the user profile, and much more.I will teach you how to create SEO friendly URL using Routes; we will create the pages system like WordPress in this series so you can easily understand the concepts of dynamic routes.We will discuss the multiple files uploading in CodeIgniter and also how to upload the files using AJAX.We will also discuss the third party templates that how to integrate with your system, I will also teach you how to create the admin panel so you can easily understand that how to manage your site from a single admin panel.You will learn how to perform the CRUD operation using ajax and also the login and signup system because it’s necessary before starting the E-commerce project.We will use bootstrap3/4 because we are using the Pro admin panel and template in this series. But about the project..? Yes, I will also teach you how to work on the project while working on the project I will show you how to create the E-commerce system in CodeIgniter, make sure we are going to develop the basic E-commerce system, not like e-bay OR Amazon. In the E-commerce system, you will learn how to create the categories and products with models and specs; we will discuss the tips and tricks while working on the project.In the project, we will also create the user profile system, orders, cart system, admin can view the sales, and much more.