Buildingapps now gets easier with the Meteor framework. No more hassles ofdeciding which platform to design for and which language to use, withMeteor you can now build the app of your dream and run it on multipleplatforms.Meteoris an open-source full-stack JavaScript platform that allowsdevelopers to build modern cross-platform web and mobile apps. Easyto learn and easy to work with, Meteor is definitely the bestframework for creating your apps from scratch. So, if you want tolearn this amazing framework from scratch, read on.Ourmini course will help you learn exactly how to start building appsfrom the ground up. No more beating around the bush, learn exactlyhow you can start and the exact steps you need to take to actuallybuild apps. Get hands-on experience by learning actually how to build5 different apps using Meteor. Hereswhat you will get in this course:Adetailed introduction into MeteorHowto set up the Android and iOS EnvironmentHowto install Meteor on Windows and MacHowto generate a Meteor AppFiveapps from scratch Product Showcase, Idea Manager, Pollster App,MusicFind Spotify App, MessageboardEnrollnow and let sky be the limit when it comes to making your app!