In this Advanced Autodesk Inventor 2016 Training course, expert author Adam Cooper will teach you advanced concepts in Autodesk Inventor, including 3D part modeling, sheet metal design, and assembly. This course is designed for users that already have a basic working knowledge of Autodesk Inventor.You will start by learning about advanced sketching, then jump into advanced modeling. From there, Adam will teach you about advanced modification tools, such as draft, split, and copy object, as well as multi-body modeling, assemblies, and drawings. This video tutorial also covers sheet metal design, including sheet metal base features, sheet metal secondary features, and sheet metal modification tools. You will also learn about sheet metal documentation, express mode, advanced constraints, positional representations, and frame generator. Finally, you will learn about weldments, including the weldments environment, assembly welds, and weldment machining and documentation.Once you have completed this computer based training course, you will be fully capable of working with these advanced tools and concepts in Autodesk Inventor.