Advanced Cryptography: Application and Data Security



Cryptography is on of the foundation pillars of the Security. In this course, We are going to do lot of Hands-On to learn how to practically implement all the famous Techniques and Methodologies of Cryptography. We have included :Encryption, Hashing, Encoding, Obfuscation , Cryptosystems which includes:-Symmetric & Asymmetric Key Cryptography, MD5, SHA, HMAC, Cryptographic Protocols like SSL, PGP and Digital Signatures Cryptographic Attacks which includes:-Brute Force Attack,Dictionary Attack,Rainbow Table Attack,Collision Attack, andPre-image AttackCryptographic Tools which includes:-Encryption – Bitlocker, DiskCryptor, LUKSHashingHash – Calculator, FTK, SIFTFile Shredders – Eraser, AVG Shredder, CCleaner,Steganography – Steg, Our Secret, OpenPuff