Advanced Facebook Ads for Entrepreneurs & Coaches



There are now over 2 million advertisers on Facebook reaching a continuously growing audience numbering in the billions. If you are already running Facebook ads for your coaching, consulting or online business, but not getting the results you’ve been looking for, this course is for you. Inside, you will learn how to use Facebook’s more advanced advertising features, including:custom audienceslookalike audiencesconversion trackingreportingand more…Facebook Ads Are More Than Boosted PostsWhile most advertisers use Facebook to boost posts and encourage clicks to their websites, Facebook’s ad platform enables you to do far more than you might imagine by developing better relationships with your target audience through advertising. This course will show you the tools to use, how to use them, and share some examples of how other advertisers are using them as well.Course Content and Your Ad GoalsThrough a series of video lectures, I demonstrate how to use Facebook’s various ad platform tools, as well as how they can be leveraged in structuring successful ad campaigns. Upon completing this course, you will have the knowledge necessary to structure sophisticated, advanced-level ad campaigns using Facebook.NOTE: This is NOT an introductory course