Course description:This course will give you practical experience in the art of listening and understanding metaphors used in normal business conversations in order to build trust and rapport and to become a skilled influencer.You will learn a simple technique that gives you an insight into the patterns of thought whichcontrol the way people behavewhich would place you in a much better position to influence others positively. This is a simple and effective way to read their minds.In this course, you will learn to: Build trust, rapport and understanding Adapt your communication style to best fit your working environment Prevent misunderstanding in your workplace Spot repeating patterns of behaviour in yourself and others and their implications Who is this course for?It is designed for entrepreneurs,managers,marketers,sales people,HR professionals andanyone who is required to facilitateperformanceimprovement.In this course you will learn a simple technique to give you insight into the patterns of thought which control the way people behave. It involves paying close attention to the metaphors which they use in normal conversation.When you learn to listen to understand rather than listeniing to answer back you will be in a much better position to influence others in a positive way. This is a simple and effective way to read their minds.The technique confers obvious and enormous commercial advantages upon you especially if you are an influencer who is required to create the conditions for beneficial change. It’s designed for entrepreneurs, managers, marketers, sales people, HR professionals and anyone who is required to facilitate performance improvement.Metaphor is our primary processing language. It’s the way we describe one thing in terms of something else with which we have a greater familiarity. Metaphor is the medium we use to create understanding. It’s hard to overstate the importance of metaphor. We will teach you a set of questions to explore the detail and relationships held within their metaphors. This is known a their psychoactive landscape and you will come to know it well.The course begins by introducing you to the use of metaphor by Sir Richard Branson, Warren Buffett and Indra Nooyi, CEO of Pepsico.Real life recordings of the technique in action are introduced and then we suggest ways in which you can gain practical experience including practice Skype sessions which are included with thiscourse. You can only learn by listening and repeating which is a fun and effective way of absorbing the lessons.The course is not about some magical theatrical effect in which you can have people reveal facts about themselves in trance but rather the opportunity for you to tune into what they reveal about themselves with every word they say. Watch the FREE preview and enrol today.