Advanced Trading for Profit



Course InformationThe Advanced Course is for traders who are struggling to become profitable. This course is designed to bring advanced level concepts in an easy to understand environment so that anyone can turn these principles into a personal reality. All content in the course applies to stocks, forex, crypto, and commodities.The ideas and concepts found in this course come from thousands of hours of trading and learning what works and what doesn’t. These concepts yield real results. It doesn’t take large amounts of money to make money from trading.Real Results: I used these methods of trading for month and a half and yielded 1,090% gain on a small account!Starting value $375 and ending value $4,475!What You’ll LearnModule 1:Forming a Trading Mindset.In this module you’ll learn what it takes to be a trader, how to manage risk, and how to cope with wins and losses.Module 2:Technical Analysis. You’ll learn what you need to be paying attention to in the charts to help you determine price direction and entries. This is the meat of the course.Module 3:Trading Strategies. Now that we know what we are looking for, let’s figure out how to piece it all together, the mentality and the chart, in order to make money.