Advanced Youtube Ads: Low Cost Youtube Ads That Convert



Welcome to this course.Throughout this entire course I’m gonna start by taking you guys and showing you how to create your very first campaign and get your very first video ad uploaded to the Google AdWords account.Next we’re gonna dive into more details, I’m gonna show you how to optimize your video ad with the right keywords the right biddingstrategy.Then we look and understandthe different video ad formats and all the different miscellaneous options that we can apply to our video ad.After that I’m gonna show you how we can measure our results and how to pull out datathat will show us howour video ad performance.Then we are going to analyze these results, and I’m gonna give you some tips to optimizeyour video. After you receive the results to get even cheaper clicks on your video ads. It’s gonna be a great course and a lot of fun and I can’t wait to get started, So let’s go ahead and enroll the course.I’m gonna see you guysto the next video.