Adventures in C# Programmingis a programming course like no other! It teaches the features of the C# language by guiding you step-by-step through the development of an exploring-style game.You will learn toWrite a retro-style adventure game like Zork or Colossal CaveMaster object orientation by creating hierarchies of treasure objectsCreate rooms and maps using .NET collections, arrays and DictionariesCreate objects with overloaded and overridden methodsSerialize networks of data to save and restore gamesWrite modular code using classes, partial classes and subclassesProgram user interaction with a natural language interfacePlus: encapsulation, inheritance, constructors, enums, properties, hidden methods and much moreIf you are a beginner programmer and already studying another C# course, this will give you hands-on experience of writing a big and complex project.If you are an experienced programmer, this will give you a quick way into the twisty little corners of the C# language. If you are a retro-games fanatic, learn how to write games just like the Infocom classics of the 1980s!In this course you will learn to write C# your own retro text-adventure game using either thefree Visual Studio Community Editionor a commercial edition of Microsoft Visual Studio. All thesource codeof sample projects is provided ready for you to download, run and modify. The course instructor,Huw Collingbourne, is the author of the cult adventure game, The Golden Wombat Of Destiny. A long-established programming teacher online, he is also a well-known programming columnist in the UK and is the author of The Book Of Ruby.Adventures in C# Programming is the ultimate fun way to learn the C# language. So, come on in and lets begin the adventure!