Have you ever wondered why colors of shows or movies that you watch on your television, is so incredible? Are you planning to buy a really expensive camera to get same high end videos? If you are, why don’t you give your few minutes to read this description first & watch our promo video? It will cost you nothing but few minutes of your valuable time.Look, cameras are big factor behind any great video, but you will not get great videos like them until you take help of color grading techniques. Just buying a great camera will not work for you alone, you should know how to correct contrast, exposure & tone problems. Even, all TV shows or big budget movies do it after shooting their videos. Although they have too much expensive cameras, but they always grade their footages. Color Grading can change your videos completely. It makes your videos to reflect emotion, it attaches your audience, it keeps your videos out of the crowd.And we are here to teach you how to do grade your videos to give them cinematic look.This course is designed to show you the process of color grading & how to make your videos tell the story through color grading. We’ll learn how to correct colors first & then how to grade them. One of the biggest hurdles among emerging freelancers or new artists or low budget filmmakers or new youTubers, is that they can’t afford high paid plugins or very expensive computers. But don’t worry, in this training we’ve resolved this problem.The best part is you no longer need any paid plugin or very expensive computers. You just need an updated version of After Effects & that is it. We’ll create high end videos.We’re going to use a plugin named Color Finesse which comes for free with After Effects. It is one of the very robust programs for color grading. And if we combine it with tools of After Effects, it becomes incredible. And that’s what we have done in this training. We guarantee, using a free program, you will achieve cinematic level grade. But the most important thing is to understand colors, once you will get them, it will not matter which program or plugin you are using, you can do it in your own way.Why to take this training?For two things only.To save your thousands of dollars which you are gonna to spend of a big budget camera.To learn color correction & color grading in practical way, not just theories. In this training we’ve added lots of examples & project files to follow along. It will make you path easier & you will be able to give cinematic looks to your films.To whom this course suits well?For all video creators who want to take their videos to next level. No matter if your creating any film, documentary, commercial or videos for youTube.So what are you waiting for? Join us & make your videos outstanding.