What are the criteria for the success of any software project?Is it delivering before the deadline? Or delivering all the requested features?What if we delivered all the requested features, before the deadline but no one used this software?The main criteria of success are to deliver value to the client, solving a problem or fulfilling a need.But how can we deliver value while the requirements are changing constantly and also the plan?That’s why we need to work agile, we need to experiment a lot and validate step by step until we fulfill the client’s need.And that’s what you will learn in this courseWe will cover how to handle changing requirements in agile projects and how to validate those requirements frequently and how to adapt the plan according to the market changes and to customer feedback.And here is the Agenda of the course:Introduction to AgileThe Product Owner RoleHandling RequirementsThe BacklogDefinition of DoneUser StoriesPlanning and TrackingEstimation and Planning PokerVelocityPlanning LevelsRelease Planning and TrackingSprint Planning and Tracking