Welcome to our JavaScript Crypto Currency API practice course.Within the lessons of this course you will learn how to use AJAX and Request to connect to a web API and retrieve JSON data, then output that data onto your Web Page…. YES AJAX!!!!Perfect course for beginners to learn more about connecting to web endpoints, handling CORS errors, different options for HTTP requests and how to handle data and iterate through it to output within a web format.Core focus of this course is to practice and learn using an API within this unique and fun exercise building a Crypto Currency Information Application from scratch. Crypto currencies are really popular and with many web APIs this course is ideal to explore and learn more about how you can get that data into your own application.Course technology used -Node.js jQuery UI, JavaScript, HTML, JSON and moreLearn within the upcoming lessonsSetup a local server using Express and practice AJAX requests locallyAvoid local CORS errors and sending requests from the backendUsing request to connect to web APIsUsing jQuery ajax shorthand to connect to web apisSee how you can add jQuery UI to create quick and cool functionality within your codeMultiple ways to make AJAX requests including fetch and jQueryExplore retrieving and updating API data on the backend before it comes to the frontendStep by step lessons, helping you setup and create the web application from scratch.Source Code is included to help you easily copy and paste code as well as review code after lessons discussing it.Friendly helpful support available in the Q&A section to help you learn betterPersonal support and instruction from a web developer with over 18 years of experience, ready to help you learn.Join now, have some fun building out this application and seeing what you can build online.