This Course is FULLY UPDATED forcurrent needs!This AJAX course will teach you what AJAX is and how to start using it with PHP to create excellent web applications like a chat system. AJAX is all around us, just type something in the GOOGLE search bar and you will automatically see words appear in the input, that’s the AJAX. If you really want to make web applications better and interactive for the users then you really need to learn AJAX.Ajax makes you work asynchronously, asynchronously means without page reload. Let me share the actual definition of AJAX here:”The method of exchanging data with a server, and updating parts of a web page – without reloading the entire page” I will first teach you AJAX methods on JavaScript and then in jQuery and then we will move on to chat application. Source code is also available so that you can test it and make changes and put your own ideas into that.Following is what my students are saying about the course:”This man is a stud. Very efficient with this choice of words to give you hell of an explanation of whats going on. Good stuff brotha stay at it.” -Seena Khoee”Very nice course.Helped me a lot in understanding Ajax. Teaching style is very good,easy to understand. Instructor is always their for help.” -A_jack R”Usman explains all the concepts clearly and concisely. The final project really helped solidify my understanding of all the material.” -David TranAfter taking this course if you are not happy then don’t worry you are protected by 30 days money back’s time to jump in the course and learn it. I will see you inside. Thank You!