This course will walk you through how to use jQuery AJAX to send data to PHP backend code and retrieve a JSON response from the PHP code. Use the response data to provide users validation and messaging to the html form.This course requires prior knowledge of JavaScript, and HTML. Some jQuery AJAX and PHP is helpful to understand the code syntax. Course covers the following within the context of building the validation form.HTML – simple HTML form input types text and emailCSS – limited styling of an HTMLformJavaScript – Mainly jQuery some JavaScript data typesObjects and arraysjQuery – AJAX and form submit event listenersPHP – JSON encoding, POST values as variables, Conditional statements, echo contentAJAX – POST AJAX send and retrieve data. Serialize form contentJSON – JSON formatted data response.DOM – Document object model event listenersGoogle DevTools console messagingSource code is included, step by step instruction on the above topics. This course is limited to the scope of this project and will not teach these programming languages from scratch. Please have basic prior understanding of the above topics before commencing with this course.Explore how to create a simple HTML that submits an AJAX request and retrievesserver responses using those responses within JavaScriptto create dynamicresponses within HTML. Taught by an instructor with over 18 years web development experience, ready to help answer any questions you may have.Learn by examplesee the code in action!Are you ready to create form validation, enter the course and start creating your own custom script!