This course is for entrepreneurs who want to connect, collaborate and make asks to grow their business effectively. I published my first book, got major influencers to endorse my work, created a world wide known campaign, End Sex Trafficking Day, raised over $40k and had big names like Seth Godin say yes to writing for my book all by utilizing the power of connecting. Connecting isn’t just about communicating – it’s about showing up in a smart, passionate and authentic way to the people who will resonate with your vision and help you move it forward toward your business dream. This course can be broken down into 4 core objectives: Get clear on your business goals and fears around connecting. Recognize who you should be connecting with to achieve your goals. 3. Learn how to effectively connect to build relationships with heart. 4. Learning how to create the 3 asks every entrepreneur should know how to make -I show you all of the techniques I use including scripts that allowed me to create mutually beneficial relationships that substantially grew my business. -You can move through this course in a day if you want, but I suggest you take at least 3 so that you can let the material sink in. -All lessons are taught via screen share and video. -You should take this course if you have a vision for a business or project that’s a world changer. There are so many people that are willing to help your dreams move forward, you just have to connect with them first.