Includes a Free E-BOOK Nine Amethyst Angels-Connecting and Healing with Angels (Value of $19.95 and You Receive it FREE!!) Would you like a deeper & more personal connection with the Divine? Do you feel there is healing necessary for you to move forward in life? Do you feel like you are always attracting negative? Do you feel like your higher self is trying to tell you something and you just can’t figure out what it is?Do you want to know how to recognize messages your angels are sending you?Well YOUR ANGELS Guided you right here to this course so you can learn how to ask your angels for help in every day tasks and more. Learn how to connect and heal with your angels in our online course: Angels 411: How to Recognize Angels Signs and Messages-Connecting and Healing with Your Angels! Angels are non-denominational spiritual beings. They are The Creator’s helpers and are able to bring us guiding and loving messages from above. This beginners online angels course is to help you learn how to recognize your angels signs and messages, connect with them and listen to your angels guidance so you can move forward onto your purpose in life! You will also learn about the angels hierarchies and what their purposes are,Learn about the angels colors and learn the difference between archangels, angels and spirit guides and (plus so much more!)We include free guided meditations within this online course to help you find what is blocking you, clear them and connect with your angels. When you register, you will also receive a Free PDF Copy of my E-Book, “Nine Amethyst Angels-Connecting and Healing with Your Angels”. Other supplementary materials are also included that will help you balance your energy so you can gain a deeper, more personal relationship with your angels. Join us in this divine journey and connect with your divine guides now! This course is divided into 7 Units that hold a total of 28 Lessons! If you complete 1 Unit each week, you should be able to complete this course in 7 weeks. All materials needed are included in this course – including but not limited to:video lecturestext lecturesDownloadable worksheetsQuieting the mind exercisesfree guided meditationsand more!I look forward to sharing my knowledge with you about recognizing the signs and messages from your angels!Namaste!Lisa Muria