Angular was designed by Google to address challenges programmers face building complex, single-page applications. This JavaScript framework takes care of the back end so you can take care of the client side. Angular 8 Essential Training introduces you to the essentials of this “superheroic” framework, including powerful features such as rich templates, change detection, user interactions, two-way data binding, comprehensive routing, and dependency injection.Awais Jamil steps through the framework one feature at a time, focusing on the component-based architecture of Angular. Learn what Angular is and what it can do, as Awais builds a full-featured web app from start to finish. After mastering the essentialsTopics Included:What is an Angular ?Angular Project StructureAngular CLIAngular ConsoleModulesComponentsDependency InjectionServicesBuilding Events and PropertiesGetting Data to ComponentsTemplate FormsReactive FormsRoutingHTTP ModuleAngular Deployment