AngularJS Cookbook: Recipes For Common Scenarios



In this course, I’m gonna show you real world solutions to common application using AngularJS. Each section is targeted for beginners while focusing on more advanced concepts.We’ll cover:AngularJS: Modules, Built-in Directives, Controllers, Views, Templates, Services and Custom DirectivesWriting Angular Unit Tests and E2E Tests for Controllers, Directives and Filters. Using Node and Bower to manage dependencies. Learning How to Build, Deploy and Run Angular AppsCreating Custom Filters and Directives Configuring Routes, Hashbang URLs and Pretty URLsConsuming and Calling RESTful WebservicesUsing Promises and dealing with multiple webservice callsCreating Mock Objects In Unit TestsWriting Angular Forms With Angular 1.4 This course is a helpful but not mandatory Ramp Up Course for “AngularJS: Write it Like A Pro.