Animated bottom navigation Using Flutter


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Animated bottom navigation Using Fluttermake Bottom Navigation Bar and Put the icons and after click the icons change to second Page Using FlutterAn animated Bottom Navigation Bar for Flutter apps, icon animates into place, colors are customisable..Add the plugin (pub coming soon):dependencies:  …  fancy_bottom_navigation: ^0.3.2Adding the widgetbottomNavigationBar: FancyBottomNavigation(    tabs: [        TabData(iconData: Icons.home, title: “Home”),        TabData(iconData:, title: “Search”),        TabData(iconData: Icons.shopping_cart, title: “Basket”)    ],    onTabChangedListener: (position) {        setState(() {        currentPage = position;        });    },)TabDataiconData -> Icon to be used for the tabtitle -> String to be used for the tabonClick -> Optional function to be used when the circle itself is clicked, on an active tabAttributesrequiredtabs -> List of TabData objectsonTabChangedListener -> Function to handle a tap on a tab, receives int positionoptionalinitialSelection -> Defaults to 0circleColor -> Defaults to null, derives from ThemeactiveIconColor -> Defaults to null, derives from ThemeinactiveIconColor -> Defaults to null, derives from ThemetaxtColor -> Defaults to null, derives from ThemebarBackgroundColor -> Defaults to null, derives from Themekey -> Defaults to null