Ansys ICEMCFD – Become guru in Hexa Mesh generation (Part 2)


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Meshing can be considered the heart of any CFDsimulation. With high quality mesh, you will get accurate results and fast convergence. It is estimated that around 70-80% time in CFDis spent on mesh generation. And in this course, I will teach you meshing in a way so that you can minimize time spent on meshing and give more time to simulation, results interpretation and design optimization. So enroll today and make your CFDanalysis of high quality with professional touch. This is the part 2 of hexa meshing course. In this part you will learn to make hexa meshing for more complex cases. You will also learn new techniques of ICEMCFD for creating high quality hexa meshing. There are total 17 workshops in this part. I will be updating this course with new workshops to expand your knowledge in this very exciting subject. Hope to see you soon on this course.