This course isdesigned to help you understand the core concepts of Apache Maven and get you startedon writing build automation scripts independently using it.You start with Maven installation and learn to make somecustomizations to it.Then you create asimple hello world java project automatically using Maven commands and with the help ofthis simple project you would learn various things that make Maven the de-factostandard that it is today.You will also learn toDownload and install Apache MavenMake use of Maven’s central repositoryUnderstand concepts of Maven plugins, Maven dependencies, Maven lifecycles, Maven Project Coordinates, Maven goalsCreate a webapp automatically, using maven quick-start commands,Run code checks using Maven pluginsRun automated tests using JUnit plugins for ApacheMavenCreate multi-module java projects using MavenFinally deploy to a web server like Tomcat- all using Maven.Auto-generate great documentation for your project using mavensite lifecycle.The course is focused on getting you started real fast on Maven with lots of hands-on.To top it off, youwould be learning all these Maven concepts and implementing them on Eclipse IDE thatis free, open source and easy to use.The theory is kept crisp and is always accompanied with hands on in order to make the course more engaging.